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About Master Pipa

over the years, Master Pipa bali (Bali Plumbing) was established in the midst of the paradise island of Bali. With strong determination and a commitment to delivering high-quality services, we have become a trusted name in the plumbing world in Bali. Every project we undertake is filled by the dedication and expertise of our experienced team. In a short span, we have successfully completed various tasks ranging from minor repairs to large-scale projects.

With our rapid growth, we proudly announce our expansion to the beautiful island of Lombok under our new brand Master Pipa Lombok. This is a significant step in our journey to provide exceptional service to more people in Lombok,  Nusa Tenggara Barat. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all our work.

WHAT WE DOWe offer a variety of PLUMBING SERVICES with a wide range of choices

plumbing problems arise from bad installation

difficulty to repair without breaking the path

water saving can be done with a good system

We have 25 years of experience in the plumbing, sanitary and dry sanitation industry


CEO Master Pipa

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BTN Vando Mavilla Jl. Mapreo, Dusun Kuranji, Kec. Lombok Barat- Nusa Tenggara Barat
Jl. Nuansa Udayana I no. 16, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta selatan, Bali 80361